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SP2A Website Builder Services (Launch early May 2019)

We are only too aware of the costs for an Individual or a Club to build and maintain a new website.

As a SPECIALIST Speedway Service our Website Developers ; Content Writers and Administrators not only have market leading Website skills and experience but also a knowledge and awareness of the sport of Speedway, from the inside and as enthusiastic supporters.

It can make a huge difference and lead to a far better product if the person WITH the technical website Build and Maintenance responsibility, also has an awareness of the subject.

We will offer 3 distinct packages-:

BASIC - A 3-4 page advertising mechanism and Results update for fans and potential Sponsors. Social Media links included.

INTERMEDIATE -  A 5-6 page more thorough website for the more established rider - possibly one riding on the Continent as well as the UK. Full results and archive available and specially built Sponsor and Advertiser Logos with "through links" to Sponsor/Advertiser websites and (if applicable) Affinity click-back links. Full Social Media and Video Optimisation.

ADVANCED - More likely suited to a Club or related Business a "bespoke package" covering all aspects required to meet BSPA standards for a Club or Global awareness for a Business. Click through affinity and FULL Social Media + Video optimisation.

The Full Website Builder Service will be launched by Monday 21st January 2019 


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